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                        Roman admits to taking valium to help him cheat the polygraph...
So Roman wishes to flex his muscles and return to the US!? roman-polanski-seeks-assurances-to-return-to-us Play the poor little holohoax survivor to get away with rape after all these years!? He was 44 at the time he raped a 13 year old. Nevermind that hes gotten away with faking the murders of 5 celebrities in LA to trigger a race war. (see prev posts.) Nevermind that he is the son of Jewish Mass Murderer of Millions Genrikh Yagoda! exhuming-dirty-secrets-of-holodomor

just how roman poalanski likes em...from the fereinhaus website
Nevermind that Roman is Thomas Pynchon writing disgusting novels about paedophilia, mass murder and espionage. Nevermind that all Polanski learned from getting caught was to be more careful. 



How can you tell Roman Is lying!? His mouth is moving. Look at all his tells. How to know someone is lying.  And he makes it a point to eat walnuts during his interview. We have learned about walnuts in the podesta emails."Walnut A term for an immature vulva, before the labia have developed. Term derives from the similar appearance of a little girl's vagina to an uncracked walnut." PEOPLE HAVE NO CLUE HOW MUCH HE IS MOCKING HIS AUDIENCE! HE CAN GET AWAY WITH RAPE AND MURDER!! I Wonder is he going to meet his son JJ Abrams WHO WAS SUPPOSEDLY KILLED during manson murders in L.A!?

Roman-Polanski-10-other-Hollywood-Jews-open-up-about-surviving-Holocaust-437656 'jews' did not suffer by the MILLIONS AS THEY SAY during any wars because ASHKENAZI 'JEWS' funded all sides of all wars. holocaustdeprogrammingcourse The ones that suffered were the poor ones the richer 'jews' wanted to kill and blame on the germans! and mostly it was to scare the so called 'jews' into moving to the desert to steal Palestine to further help Rothschild consolidate his riches. 

Romans movie What? Is all about MKUltra programming and it features ping pong which we know means child porn. Roman sleeps under the ping pong table in this movie. 


Think maybe Roman is trying to sell us something. The opening scenes seem to have code but I have to go through the whole movie and make notes. Son of a Soviet bastard he must have learned a few things about code and what better way to advertise your child snuff films..through code. 

The Manson Murders were a major false flag and most dont even know it. Can we learn nothing!?? Just look at all the crisis acting at Sharon's fake funeral. I guarantee there is nobody in Sharon Tates grave if there is it isnt her. Sharon went on to become Patti Tate and is now Debrah Tate. Can you say MKULTRA!? ruby-programming-mk-ultra-monarch you have to wonder if the manson murders also served to make Roman untouchable so he can make all the kiddie snuff films he wants. It being a very lucrative business and all. 
We'll see what happens. Roman cant run from his karma...

Saturday, February 11, 2017



After listening to the Audiobook of Gravity's Rainbow I've felt physically ill. And I never want to read or hear Thomas Pynchon again but given what I've found out I kind of have to (see prev. posts). Most people read it and are only seeing one layer.. actually many misdirected layers. The M.O. of Polanski and Hollywood for that matter. When you realize that Thomas Pynchon is really Roman Polanski gloating and being the sick disgusting paedo freak son of a soviet mass murderer he is you understand his paranoia and why he wrote under the name Thomas Pynchon and not Roman Polanski! So I have to go through all of Polanski's Films all of Thomas Pynchon's books plus ALL of JJ's CRAP! And see what comes out of it. Should be very interesting to say the least. Im forming psychological profiles on Yagoda, Polanksi and Abrams. Maybe it will become a book who knows. It just keeps getting deeper and more disturbing.

All I know is all the paedo ring busts are bullshit and nothing will change. Not as long as there are white people who need government and hollywood to fix things for them. White people as always being led by the nose to slaughter and too dumb to realize. You get what you deserve. If only white people knew white people cant be trusted they dont even trust themselves thats why they look to government who made all the mess to fix the mess! RETARDED. For every paedo they move around more pop up. And Hollywood is behind keeping everyone ignorant of whats really going on. They know exactly what they are doing poisoning peoples minds with degenerate filth. And Hollywood has armies of clean up crews and signed confidentiality agreements to keep it all squeaky clean. They want to make the movie about Pizzagate! NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE! WE are moving back to the dark ages. Where paedos rule over us, roam free and we are in fear.

"Gravity's Rainbow is a 1973 novel by American writer Thomas Pynchon. Lengthy, complex, and featuring a large cast of characters, the narrative is set primarily in Europe at the end of World War II, and centers on the design, production and dispatch of V-2 rockets by the German military. (ASHKENAZIS LIKE ROMAN LOVE DEMONIZING GERMANY FOR WHAT HIS FATHER AND SO CALLED 'JEWS' WERE DOING) jew-media-now-claiming-adolf-hitler-used-v2-rockets-on-his-own-people-in-last-days-of-world-war-ii/ In particular, it features the quest undertaken by several characters to uncover the secret of a mysterious device named the "Schwarzger√§t" ("black device"), slated to be installed in a rocket with the serial number "00000". Need I explain that rocket is code for hardon rocket fuel is code for cum. The whole book is full of disgusting paedophile inuendo. "Black Device" is Maybe a server..or even film. 

Once I buy Gravitiy's Rainbow I can make notes and scan them in. To me Roman must have been very paranoid given his father Yagoda was killing millions of non jews and the books talks about poisoning people which is what Yagoda did he poisoned people for Stalin. It all just seems to me to Roman bragging about his escapades. Must be very hard being arrogant like Roman and not being able to brag who you really are...


The same year Gravity's Rainbow came out in 1973 Polanksi did the Film What?
"Synopsis What? A young American woman (Sydne Rome) traveling through Italy finds herself in a strange Mediterranean villa where nothing seems right. Her visit becomes an absurd, decadent, oversexed version of "Alice in Wonderland", with Marcello Mastroianni as the maddest of mad hatters and Roman Polanski a kinky March hare." I've watched What? and as I expected there are child porn pong ..just weird MKULTRA crap. Im sure little Roman is hiding codes in all his movies and Pynchon books.

Traversing a wide range of knowledge, Gravity's Rainbow transgresses boundaries between high and low culture, between literary propriety and profanity, and between science and speculative metaphysics. It shared the 1974 U.S. National Book Award for Fiction with A Crown of Feathers and Other Stories by Isaac Bashevis Singer. Although selected by the Pulitzer Prize jury on fiction for the 1974 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, a single passage involving coprophilia offended the Pulitzer Advisory Board, which rejected the selection. No Pulitzer Prize was awarded for fiction that year. The novel was nominated for the 1973 Nebula Award for Best Novel.

Oversexed sounds like Gravity's Rainbow. If anyone who is familiar with Thomas Pynchon please feel free to leave comments I have my work cut out for me. I'll make myself sick reading Polanski Pynchon's garbage. In Gravity's Rainbow the main character is Tyrone Slothrop... Urban Dictionary Tyrone Given Roman faked the Manson Murders to kill the anti war movement he very well knew they were framing blacks to trigger a race war by painting pig in pigs blood on the walls. That is ashkenazi EVil starting race wars. And blaming germany on the Nazi's who were all jews funded by rothschilds colluding with the jewish NKVD also funded by the Rothschilds. soviet-empire Also there is a young girl in the book called Ghislain who he is suspicious of being a spy....sounds like mossad-blackmail-ring-ghislain-maxwell....I bet they got to him and he has been making paedo snuff films for the Rothschilds since safe and sound in Switzerland.

Im going to watch Polanski's The Ghost Writer...this is all torture but seems I like to torture myself. As I expected The Ghost Writer has a lot of code in it that coincides with Thomas Pynchon and with Ship Of Theseus will have to go through again and make notes. 

What Roman would have you believe reality is as in The Pianist..compared to his real soviet background child of a 'jewish' mass murderer the difference is really astounding. Its always poor little baby so called 'jews'!! The complete and utter hypocrisy. HE KEEPS GETTING AWAY WITH HIS LIES!


Children of The Gulgag


One more thing I'd like to add is Miles Mathis paper on Pynchon which to me makes it even clearer that Thomas Pynchon is Roman Polanski. Pynchon writes about operation Chaos thats what the Manson Murders were part of Operation Chaos...pynch. 'His full name is Thomas Ruggles Pynchon' kind of like Thierry Rajmund Polanski...more and more i think that Roman Polanksi is Thomas Pynchon..big-ideas-and-themes how true the apple doesnt fall far from the tree both Polanski and Abrams are demonizing Germans for ashkenazi jewish crimes. And both write of genocide of Native Americans. I just get more and more horrified...

Thursday, February 9, 2017


Sure sounds like Haiti to me. 

This brings me to the Kaliko Haiti 'bust' which to me is clearly just to suck people in. defiant-kaliko-beach-uncooperative-child-trafficking-investigation if you actually read these articles you can know that we are being mocked. It says the hotel owner defiant! And why is that!? Because white men set him up and let him take the fall. Now who does that sound like!? MOSSAD. The girls were lured by white men with cake to go to a beach party. The girls were quoted as saying the white men should be arrested too. WHERE ARE THE WHITE MEN!? Nevermind the fact this story actually came out months ago and is just NOW being reported. And being pushed by Glenn Beck who is very pro israel. BELIEVE NOTHING FROM ANYONE PRO ISRAEL!! THEY ARE LIKELY BEING BLACKMAILED BY MOSSAD. haiti-trafficking-ring-busted-story-not-reported-in-crime-syndicate-lying-press ITS CALLED THE LYING PRESS TRYING TO LEGITIMIZE ITSELF!! So people will believe that high profile arrests are on the way!? I DONT BUY IT! THEY WILL JUST BE MOVED ELSEWHERE. PROB TO ISRAEL THE SAFE HAVEN FOR PAEDOPHILES.israel-safe-haven-paedophiles what kind of scum wants to live in a 'country' where paedophiles are protected!? Sick 'jewish' scum thats who..

I was looking into Kaliko and found link to dyncorp..they are a dyncorp front. Making interiors to all kinds of vehicles that can be used for human trafficking. And George Webb wanting to make a hollywood movie about all of this REALLY DEFEATS THE PURPOSE! Are you mocking everyone doing research George!? Do you know how disgusting that idea even is to researchers!? Do you care!? Also there were people with youtube channels with no content on Geroge Webbs channels saying that RetardedRantsofRyan needs help invesatigating Kaliko! BIG RED FLAGS. They want to trap real investigators I'd like to think George Webb is cleverer than that. HOLLYWOOD IS BEHIND ALL OF THIS THEY WILL DELIGITIMIZE EVERYONES RESEARCH. Heres an idea for George Webb why not try Crowd Funding!? The more I hear Goerge hes bringing up Nazis a lot and he wants to go to Hollywood. Do they just plan to blame all of this on Nazis!? Who ARE ASHKENAZI JEWS! they wont tell you that part tho ;)

The youtube channel RandomRantsOfRyan who is an opportunistic bottom feeder with ZERO researching skills and ZERO intelligence. Just exposes what other people have already exposed. Shit like this needs to be flushed. WE are NOT here for youtube views and likes this is SERIOUS! He jumps on this crap and wastes everyones time and energy all just to get attention...I hate to give this asshole views on his videos but you just have to witness his idiocy...mossad love assholes like this guy and christians trumps-big-plan-mossads-evangelicals because they are STUPID! and will believe anything without even doing any research!

WOW were winning right now!? fucking kill me please...WE ARE NOT WINNING!!! I swear Im so sick of this retarded american bullshit!!! This guy couldnt research his way out of a shit filled plastic bag...this guy believes the bullshit false flag crisis actor Ryan Oneal...

I mean to me its obvious this guy Ryan Oneal was given a script on what to say! To scare people from investigating. That's all I need to know THAT HE IS BULLSHIT! CAN WE LEARN NOTHING FROM THE DAILY BULLSHIT FALSE FLAGS!??? but no retardedrantsofryan loves all this attention hes getting. Im doing an investigation into Ryan Oneal I believe he got into some trouble and is doing this as a way to get out of the guy who faked shooting up Comet Ping Pong!! ALL BULLSHIT! Like we see with all the Mossad False Flag patsy's..he is another one of them. And he will be exposed.

AND WHITE PEOPLE THINK THAT Jeff Sessions will bring down the paedo ring!!!!  jeff-sessions LMAO!!! I swear you white people are like the fucking twilight zone. The disadvantage of white people is you actually believe government is there for you! And that goverment will fix government...prob mostly religious idiots too think that jesus will come back and fix everything. All you religious nutbags are Liabilities. Even to yourselves you are liabilities. Just too dumb to know it. All you need to feel safe and secure is a 'white' person in a suit or pantsuit..nevermind that they are so called Talmudic 'JEWS' in those suits! Who want nothing more than to kill all non jews. NEVERMIND THE MILLIONS OF BROWN PEOPLE AMERICA HAS KILLED BASED ON ISRAELS LIES!! YOU WHITE PEOPLE ARE A HINDRANCE AS ALWAYS. WHO DO WE GO KILL NEXT FOR ISRAEL!?? IS ALL YOU CAN THINK OF!? White people you have no future because all you do is kill, cheat and steal lands and resources that arent yours. You have no culture. You just take take take and expect government to fix government.WHICH WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!  Reap and you SOW. Ever notice how many US military bases are all over the world. What gives you the right!? you will pay for your transgressions.

While Native Americans all 500 tribes have been ignored wiped from history and relegated to non existence and most white americans are just fine with that. You dont see natives as human. We are the humans you whites are inbred neanderthals why do you think its so easy for you to kill people of colour the world over!? and all done to us will be done to you. YOU are just like all the illegal settler terrorist 'settlers' of 'Israel' stealing Palestine..Jewmerica and Israel have no future!

the-white-savior-industrial-complex the white christians who are prob mossad front need to get out of the natives protests!! Go destroy stuff with the BLM Code Soros bastards. Trump is using Mossad ran Christian groups to Demonize NATIVE AMERICANS!! I knew he would do this. trump-classifies-veterans-at-standing-rock-as-terrorists-sends-secret-fbi-taskforce This is insane hes covering for terrorist Israel crimes of 911 and  hes going to use 'jew' israeli mossad tactics to Demonize us!?? no words.


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Lady GAGA very jewish. lady-gaga-the-illuminati-puppet/.

Muted Horn tattoos. Symbol also found in Thomas Pynchon novel 

The_Crying_of_Lot_49 this book to me is also about child trafficking. "According to the narrative that Oedipa pieces together during her travels around Southern California, the Trystero was defeated by Thurn und Taxis—a real postal system—in the 18th century but Trystero went underground and continued to exist into the present (the 1960s). Its mailboxes are disguised as regular waste bins, often displaying its slogan, W.A.S.T.E. (an acronym for "We Await Silent Tristero's Empire") and its symbol, a muted post horn." 

trystero-thomas-pynchon-hunt-mystery How very Cicada_3301 Which funnily enough is a Mossad front looking for new recruits. Israel attacks us and spies on us and has to trick people into working for them but I digress..

In Crying Of Lot 49 there is a Corporation called Yoyodyne ..much like dyncorp. There is also a character named john-nefastis. And her therapist in Kinneret sounds like Knesset. "Along the way, Oedipa meets a wide range of eccentric characters. Her therapist in Kinneret, Dr. Hilarius, turns out to have done his internship in Buchenwald, working to induce insanity in captive Jews. "Liberal SS circles felt it would be more humane," he explains. In San Francisco, she meets a man who claims membership in the Inamorati Anonymous (IA), a group founded to help people avoid falling in love, "the worst addiction of all". In Berkeley, she meets John Nefastis, an engineer who believes he has built a working version of Maxwell's Demon, a means for defeating entropy." Oedipa sounds like Sharon Tate. Oedipus_complex

Paul J Tate and Doris Tate (he's wearing a navy uniform) 

Paul J Tate was pimping his daughter out from early on.
Sharon Tate on an U.S. Army Rocket. 

I have a feeling that Thomas Pynchon is really Roman Polanksi. He did direct Ghost Writer. Jesuits Masters Deceit Infiltrations Paul J. Tate was naval Intelligence altho wikipedia lies and says he was army intelligence Sharon_Tate "Sharon Tate was born in Dallas, Texas, the eldest of three daughters, to Colonel Paul James Tate (1922–2005), a United States Army officer," He dressed as a hippie to infiltrate the investigation of his daughter Sharon Tate being 'fake killed' nothing suspicious there!! JJ ABRAMS IS NORMALIZING PAEDOPHILIA LIKE THOMAS PYNCHON what-will-jj-abrams-star-wars-look Star Trek fans are mostly paedophiles..pedophilia-and-star-trek

JJ Abrams pretty much stole the idea for S. from Thomas Pynchon novel V. j-j-abrams-by-the-book waiting for the day when JJ does something original!! Thomas Pynchon novel V. if anything they like to brag about their crimes thats why they hide them, they think cleverly, in books, thomas-pynchon-trystero, movies and music. Here is a audio video of Thomas Pynchons Gravity's will notice he is a perverted paedophile.

I got about half way through when they start talking about giving babies orgasms I go into a rage...fucking filth!! After hearing the whole thing I'm sure that Roman Polanski is Thomas Pynchon. Have to read the rest of his paedo garbage. pynchon/rainbow

paedos get so easily butthurt 

So I'm one step above paedos!?? YOU PAEDO FUCKER ARE PC! 

Just to be clear I am not a racist I hate everyone equally! Is there a law that says I have to like people based on race!?NO so why the fuck cant I hate everyone!? FUCK YOU. Racism is created by 'jews' racism-originated-in-torah of course the inbred neanderthals that are many subraces want to wipe out all legitimate races..

Thomas Pynchon seems to hate natives only 1 of everything!??? so wipe out all 500 native tribes just like that!?? and steal their land!? that is just what you ashkenazis do isnt it!? until nothing is left but your imaginary tribe. well luckily you lot are so inbred i dont think you will last to see what you think you will see. hence you are doing your best to kill millions! WipeOutHumans-BillGates-VaccinesArebestWayToDepopulatePlanet i love how they have to be veiled about their genocide and paedophilia. like your father yagoda wiping out all ukrainian and russian dodos is that what you call natives dodos!? you so called 'jews' are the dodos that will be extinct from being so inbred you want to talk shit about cherokees!? its kind of amazing that a cherokee is seeing through your shit isnt it POLANSKI!?? 

This little cherokee found you out POLANSKI 

Inherent_Vice is also about child and organ trafficking. It also sounds a lot like the faked manson Murders. "In Las Vegas, Doc places a bet with the manager of the Kismet Lounge, Fabian Fazzo, that Mickey did not fake his own disappearance. Later, Doc believes that he sees Mickey in the company of federal agents, and subsequently hears of Mickey's scheme for a philanthropic housing project in the desert. Doc visits the site and encounters Riggs Warbling, architect of the housing project, who fears that Mickey has been "reprogrammed" and that the development, already abandoned, will be destroyed." That sounds a lot like Polanksi's Cinatown..."Chinatown is a 1974 American neo noir mystery film, directed by Roman Polanski from a screenplay by Robert Towne, starring Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway. The film was inspired by the California Water Wars, a series of disputes over southern California water at the beginning of the 20th century, by which Los Angeles interests secured water rights in the Owens Valley. The Robert Evans production, a Paramount Pictures release, was the director's last film in the United States and features many elements of film noir, particularly a multi-layered story that is part mystery and part psychological drama." both of those sounds like JJ Abrams produced Westworld where a resort is built in the desert where wealthy people can go to kill natives for they all just rip each other off and pat eachothers backs or what!? 

what-are-you-doing-to-protect-yourself-from-nsa-safedata only paedophiles would be so worried about protecting themselves from NSA...

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JJ Moving away from reboots to make another zombie 'nazi' film. 

JJ Abrams is just being funny now. jj-abrams-overlord-nazi-zombies Does JJ realize that moving away from reboots means doing something ORIGINAL!?? As their fraudulent history shows 'jews' are not capable of creating anything original. And given what we know about JJ's background (covered up by hollywood) being ashkenazi grandson of Mass murdering Genrikh Yagoda WHO KILLED MILLIONS OF NON 'JEWS' ordered by Stalin. And son of mass murderer liar ashkenazi Roman Polanski who pretends to be a HOLOHOAX survivor and fakes murders of celebrities to trigger race wars. They are just laughing at everyone. And demonizing Germans while they are at it. STILL they demonize Germans. 'JEWISH' HOLLYWOOD NEEDS TO BE DESTROYED SO IT CANT KEEP POLLUTING EVERYONES MINDS WITH LIES AND DECEPTION.

The 'nazis' were ASHKENAZI german 'jews' who fund all sides of wars the-jews-starts-all-major-wars and who dress up as all sides of wars. Ashkenazi is hebrew for 'modern hebrew'. Anyone can learn to speak hebrew does that make them hebrews! No. They spoke yiddish mostly before they were speaking hebrew. All to keep themselves seperated from non 'jews'. The so called 'jews' steal whatever they like and use it to their advantage. The term nazi was a derogatory term used by 'jews' toward german 'jews' who were fighting for germany...tho they were just pretending to be fighting for Germany. THEY WERE FUNDED BY 'jew' ROTSHCHILD! the-house-of-rothschild-khazarian-mafia-pretending-to-be-jews

People need to be aware of the talmud teachings. Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote alot about what really went on in Soviet russia. Aleksandr-Solzhenitsyn-200-Years-Together.

And its why noone evers hears about HOLODOMOR but only hears about the BULLSHIT holohoax. The NKVD were all 'jewish' and they used german bullets to kill whoever they felt was anti semitic. Which as I have said before there is NO SUCH THING AS ANTI SEMITISM. And the nazis were all ashkenazis who are NOT 'jews'. You cant convert to a religion and become a race!! They are all liars their whole history is a lie. Do people realize there are so called 'jews' in every country but are loyal to Israel over their host nations!? So why are the so called 'jews' still demonizing Germans!? Hasnt Germany suffered enough!?? Do people realize that 'jew' Eisenhower left millions of Germans to die in a field based on the jewish lie of 6 millions jews being killed! when the 'jews' were the ones doing all the killing. 

Golda Meir herself ordered the poorer jews they called 'shnoorer' 'jews' to be killed they didnt want going to Palestine. 'Jews' often kill their own. There is Noone they wont kill for a profit. When-Zionists-Murder-Jews-The-Story-of-the-Ringworm-ChildrenSO WHY ARE GERMANS STILL BEING DEMONIZED!? so called 'jews' are making everyone out to be a fascist that is against the 'jew' facists!! This all makes me very sick! FUCK YOU JJ ABRAMS AND ALL YOU LIAR ASHKENAZIS!! Do people realize that the so called 'jews' think it is their right to kill all non jews and once we are all killed the so called jews will be rewarded with a world of their own just for the so called 'jews'!!Talmudic Jews Will Destroy America Just As They Did In Germany. After they destroy this planet they think they will be rewarded a world of their own!! Yet they continue to demonize germans when it is Israel who is committing Genocide in many contries they are fueling and provinding arms to. Israeli-Weapons-Fueling-War-in-South-Sudan to name one.  IF THAT DOESNT MAKE YOU SICK YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD. I'm half native american I grew up NEVER SEEING ANY NATIVES! the-jewish-role-in-the-native-american-genocide and it makes my blood boil when I hear white people whinning about white Genocide! you dont get to cry about white genocide after you have genocided nations the world over! FUCKING HYPOCTRITES! the-hypocrisy-of-white-genocide

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Ship Of Thesues is also about organ trafficking and child trafficking.
The ship of Theseus, also known as Theseus' paradox, is a thought experiment that raises the question of whether an object which has had all of its components replaced remains fundamentally the same object. Sounds like Organ transplants to me. And no it isnt the same it takes on the traits of its owner ..this can wreak havoc on lives in ways people dont bother imagining.. like possession. Depending if the person was good person or it really worth it!? can-organ-transplant-change-recipients-personality-cell-memory-theory-affirms

The more I dig the more disturbed I am. If you arent familiar with Dyncorp they are the ones behind all the organ trafficking around the world. dyncorp George Webb does videos exposing what Dyncorp is doing. Altho Geroge Webb is going to hollywood Oliver Stone who has mossad connections to help him make a film....therefor like most white 'truth' tellers HE IS A MOSSAD ASSET!! it's like going to mossad to make a movie about 9/11..oh wait Oliver Stone did that already! Rothschild Ties to JFK Assassination :Oliver Stone, Director of “JFK” steers attention away from Mossad  its becoming clear to me that george webb is some kind of plant they prob have something on him and hes testing the waters to see if people are dumb enough to fall for HOLLYWOOD making a movie about PAEDOGATE! fucking unreal.

Israel also is behind all the earthquakes. They use HAARP to induce earthquakes. Which is also in Ship Of Theseus. And its curious that Israel is always the first to send AID. Now why is that!? Its because they are stealing organs and children to sell into sex slavery. Their crimes know no bounds. if americans knew. Israel also has started to give earthquake proof tables to schools so the children will survive and they dont get damaged. Israel-donates-117-earthquake-proof-tables-to-Taiwan This blog will end up being more and more about Israel because all roads lead to Israel.

The Clintons did alot of damage in Haiti! the-clintons-crimes-in-haiti ALL FOR PROFIT!! Clinton was caught smuggling children out of haiti The Clinton-Silsby Trafficking (Haiti) Scandal And How The Media Attempted To Ignore/Cover It Up Is this what JJ Abrams holds in high esteem destroying countries and children for profit!?? He likes to give millions to the Clintons who ruin countries accross the globe!?? Bill Clinton who basically made it legal for CPS to kidnap children!? It's absolutely sickening!!! ALL FOR PROFIT! WE MUST BRING THESE SUPER PREDATORS TO HEEL!


Monday, January 30, 2017


Ship Of Theseus by Doug Dorst & JJ Abrams 

In S.O.T. the main characters talk about the Boss changing the world in his own image. To me they are speaking about George Soros and Rothschilds. JJ is from a long line of Rothschild double agents. Yagoda, JJ Abram's grandfather, (see prev. blog) was a Rothschild double agent sent to 'work' for Stalin history-of-house-of-rothschild-complete. The so called 'jews' love that Soros is bringing the migrant crisis to Europe. JJ Abrams funds Soros and Clinton and all the damage they bring to the world. A job for Soros and Clinton Rothschilds have too long gotten away with The Jewish Genocide of Europe: Kaganovich, Yagoda, Ehrenburg and Coudenhove-Kalergi

Now you really have to be aware of the 'jews' and their plans for all non 'jews' who they regard as cattle Goyim: Judaism. I call them 'jews' because you cannot convert to a religion and become a race yet somehow the only group that is ignorant (woefully) enough to think you can is the so called 'jews'. Jews are not a race. Can you say generations of inbreeding!?? science-reveals-jews-fantastically-inbred Or is it that they know its bullshit and the stupid goyims, who they keep fighting amongst themselves, with christianity and islam, wont do anything about it!? The Protocols OF Zion is recommended reading which is really a 'jew' rip off of Machiavelli Conversations In Hell. They cant seem to do much thats original. The Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu. Given they are all clones of eachother. If anything the ashkenazis are inbred neanderthals. The neanderthal hypothesis

Clone wars is about the so called 'jews' 

In S.O.T. they talk about launching a 'black vine' that to me is the refugee migrant crisis funded by George Soros. And 'it all goes back to Calais' that being where most 'refugees' are entering Europe. Israel plays a big role in the migrant crisis they being the ones destroying its neighbouring Muslim countries by using America to do much of its dirty work. Most of the refugees are from the congo not even from war torn Syria like we are being told. israaids-role-in-the-european-migrant-crisis This has been an ashkenazi past time for a long time bringing in Christian and Muslim hordes to do their dirty work. Christianity and Islam being invented by the so called 'jews' islam was created by the jews people need to free themselves from religious deceit as well as hollywood deceit. Jews created christianity. Do you get it!? Given whats going on its vital people wake up to this.

JJ seems to love giving millions to mass murderers without anyone batting an eye. Given he is the grandson of a prolific mass murderer we can understand why. Also Katie and JJ had briefings and met with Hillary because they donated so much money to her as the podesta emails shows. podesta-emails

katie-mcgrath-jj-abrams-family-foundation-los-angeles-grants I'd say all of their foundations need to be investigated. There is also the Malala Foundation that Katie is involved in which is a mossad front. Im seeing alot of mossad surrounding Katie McGrath.

‘Project Malala’: The CIA’s Socio-Psychological Intelligence Operation project-malala-the-cias-socio-psychological-intelligence-operation/ if you arent familiar with Mossad Mossad crimes it was Mossad who did 9/11 Mossad did 911 Mossad Motto: By Way Of Deception Thou Shall Do War. 

MOSSAD : Israeli Secret Intelligence Services I.S.I.S. 

jj-abrams-about-to-enter-munich-segment-of-aping-spielbergs-career "JJ Abrams' Bad Robot has picked up another script for its continuing collaboration with Paramount Pictures. This time it's a well-regarded spec called Wunderkind, and it's about Nazi hunters in the 70s. One is an older guy, a tough Mossad agent from Israel (I guess all Mossad agents are from Israel, huh?) and the other a young guy who works for the CIA (should I mention he's American?). They team up reluctantly, probably to kill Nazis." If ONLY everyone knew the nazis are the ASHKENAZI 'jews' who kill their own and blame it on whoever suits their purposes at the time. Who fund all sides of all wars. 

"One mysterious donor, in particular, is getting attention today. W Spann LLC was formed in March and dissolved in July after making a $1 million donation to Restore Our Future, a super PAC supporting Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, NBC News reported." soros jj abrams super pacs Mitt Romney is Mossad his allegiance is with Israel. romneys_allegiance

On the set of a movie with mismatching police uniforms. 

Spann as in Spahan Ranch where the manson family hung out. Also Melcher Media is involved with making S.O.T. manson-murders-motive-melcher Terry Melcher was supposed to be the motive for Manson starting the killing spree. In turning down recording Manson that 'made' Manson want to kill, I mean him 'making' skinny hippie chicks want to kill, Sharon Tate and friends! Yeah sure. Conveniently while Roman was in London filming the Day of the Dolphin which has paedophile implications as well. murderous-vip-paedophile-ring-at-dolphin-square

Restore Our Future Sounds like some 'Jew' B.S. to me. So called 'jews' seem to think they have to plan out the whole planets future..and it isnt pretty for us non 'jews'. Project for the New American Century

George Soros is a criminal of the worst kind like Hillary so why is JJ Abrams funding these criminals!? Because he has something to hide just like they do. Paedophile criminals stick together. surpise-soros-is-convicted-criminal

And JJ abrams thinks he has the right to tell people to vote for criminal Hillary Clinton clinton-crime-family-exposed 1 million dollars to Clinton campaign!!! surely that is RICO acting status!!?

All the birds in S.O.T. are paedophile codenames. magpie. oyster catcher is code for baby eater. There is alot of paedophile references in all of JJ Abrams works. For instance in the beginning of West World the intro shows an automated piano a reference to Keith-Harding-MPs-Leon-Brittan-Cyril-Smith-Jeremy-Thorpe Keith Harding a paedophile...

Just to be clear the magpie paedophiles seeks to get rid of the age of consent all together!! Magpie_issue_11_May_1978 there is no age too young for the talmudist at heart to rape. if you dont know about paedophilia in the talmud. pedophilia-and-talmud Is this what you want for children!?? These ashkenazi talmudists are funding Childrens Defense Fund and other fraudulent child advocate groups! Do you see a problem yet!?? And They use a Black woman Marian Wright Edelman (jewish) as front to keep it looking innocent but I see through that. We all have to learn to see through their deceit. That means not sticking our heads in the sand. And yes it means work. If you dont know its mostly 'Jews' and paedophiles inserting themselves into all civil rights movements you have some waking up to do. jews-and-civil-rights-movement and isnt it funny that it was the so called 'jews' who ran the slave trade jew-genocide-black-holocaust-slave-trade-jews-named the only reason they insert themselves in the civil rights movement is to gain sympathy because they know all non 'jews' are waking up to all their lies and deceit. The Gay Rights movement is really a Paedophile Rights movement. could-jews-get-any-more-gay

Given what has come out of the wikileaks emails about pizza and ping pong podesta-pedophilia-pizza-ping-pong its interesting that JJ Abrams throws Ping Pong party fund sure nothings going on there. seeing as they are using pizza and food codes it makes sense they use birding code too whats more perfect cover for paedophiles than bird watching!??